Telecommunications Redesign


International corporation


20,000 employees


Retail market – fashion


3 data centres and more than 1,500 locations including stores in Canada, United States, China and others abroad


Operating in the fashion industry, the company was looking to optimize its entire telecommunications network for all its sites (head office, distribution centre and stores) in order to unify its communications, gain in productivity and benefit from a scalable infrastructure to support the company’s growth and new business needs.


  • Optimize the customer’s telecommunications
  • Provide advice and guidance in the choice of solution providers
  • Assist in the procurement of required equipment to achieve the project (BOM, meetings with providers, etc.)


Complete re-engineering of the telecommunications architecture for the head office, distribution centre and data centres, as well as for the 1,500 stores.  Implementation of security infrastructures, LAN and WAN, store network, wireless (802.11) and data centre.


  • Test plan for different solutions
  • Implementation plan
  • Full responsibility for the implementation of all solutions
  • Implementation and redefinition of the zoning security level
  • Implementation of authentication solutions
  • Implementation of solutions support the mobility strategy (BYOD, in-store wireless solution for interactive stands, etc.)
  • Post-implementation support
  • Documentation of all deployed solutions


Part of the client’s IT was outsourced and migrated to a new subcontractor. SBK provided knowledge transfer between the two subcontractors and quality assurance during the implementation of the new telecom solutions.


  • Increase in productivity
  • Deployment of IT in future branches with wireless solutions to build customer loyalty and provide a stronger customer experience to drive more sales